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this site was design to help people that like the concept of MLM but can’t seem to make any money at it. Multi-Level Marketing or MLM has proven to be one of the most effective methods of marketing goods and services. The industry is responsible for over 192.9 billion dollars per year in sales worldwide.

Recently, the World Federation of Direct Selling Associations (WFDSA) has reported 2018 global statistics for the industry. Last year the global sales force of 118.4 million people generated estimated retail sales of USD 192.9 billion, a new record, the WFDSA said.

As the above graph shows, the global industry has shown a sustained growth over time, with a three-year compound annual growth rate of 1.7% for the 2015-2018 period. The figures expressed here are in 2018 constant USD and at “estimated retail”.

It's estimated that there are 118 million people in the Network Marketing arena, by this information alone one can see the growth of this industry and why major corporations want to be a part of it.

Being in the MLM Industry for over 30 years, we have discovered that most companies’ compensation plans have stiff qualifications that most people CAN’T ACHIEVE.  They (Companies) change the compensation plan to keep the distributor from earning the maximum income possible.  We also found that most of the companies were created for the owner (s) best interest and not the distributors.

We at Global Alliance Team believe that Multi-Level Marketing should be simple enough for anyone to make a part-time income.  The same opportunity for success should be achievable for any one – no matter what time they join an MLM Company or who recruited them.

We have found a Company that is designed for the distributor best interest.  This Company is revolutionizing the way they are paying their members.  They have designed a winning concept that pays 7 TIMES more than traditional MLM Companies.

If you’re looking for a simple and honest way to make money quickly with products that benefit everyone, then you’ve just found your way to an incredible opportunity.

This can be your first step towards unlocking a cash explosion that could help you and your family make your financial dreams come true.  Ordinary people who’ve tried other programs and failed now have the opportunity to experience our breakthrough system.  

Now, you can go from past financial failure to financial freedom within a very short time.


It seems so simple, yet most so-called “marketers” either don’t realize this, or else they think that the product they’re selling is the greatest thing since sliced bread. When, of course, IT REALLY ISN'T ALL THAT GREAT!

No wonder more than 95% of people hoping to make their fortune in MLM fail MISERABLY!

We are (and you could be) selling something that REALLY DOES change people’s lives dramatically for the better. And once you try our products you will want to spread the word!

We have a full line of nutraceuticals including our original flagship product, that has been used by over 6,000 Medical Professionals.  We are continuously looking to create the highest quality and most effective products in the marketplace. From Sports Nutrition to weight management and a full line of CBD products.  We have something for everyone.

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I have seen tremendous results in my patients who take Regeneration Program. Patients who have had chronic migraine headaches, arthritic symptoms and PMS have found tremendous relief and permanent weight loss is very common. I highly recommend it.

— Dr. Lisa Temple O.M.D

After six weeks of introducing the product to many of my patients, the response has been overwhelming!  Never has a product been so well accepted and enjoyed by everyone, including young, middle, and older aged people. Ninety-five percent of my patients have told me they’ve experienced increased energy and endurance. I have received very favorable responses from an Alzheimer’s patient, several spinal pain patients, and the list goes on and on. My greatest joy is to see my older patients, who are weak and feeble, begin to feel that wholesome energy and renewed life. Thanks again.

— Ronald V. Free, D.C., Free Chiropractic Centre

The Product works…Independent chromatography and spectrometry analysis confirm the products contain the nutrients indicated in the amounts required by the body

— Mark Houston, M.D., FACP

With full confidence I endorse this product and recommend it for improved energy and vitality. I use it myself…I have never seen one product, in 22 years of practicing pharmacy, that has benefited so many.

— Mark F. Binkley, Ph.D. (pharmacist)

For me, the biggest advantage of this product is the ‘no pill, no capsule’ aspect. This combined with the great taste and palatability makes it a wonder food. We have witnessed many remarkable changes in ourselves and our patients by using these products in our wellness system program. Our practice focuses on teaching self-responsibility, understanding what the cells of our body really need and want. What a miracle this human machine is when we relieve it of those little daily interferences of faulty lifestyle, habit, wrong food combinations, highly refined foods, and reactive foods.  You will experience vitality because each cell is starting to smile again. That is where all life begins and your health is the by-product of many, many happy smiling cells.

— Vernon R. Mannon, D.C.

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